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We love our life. But sometime life doesn't love us. To find balance between love and life we can practise Mindfulness.It helps reducing stress, anxiety, depression and pain.


This was first introduced to the world in 1979 as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through his centre at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.Here are three main points of Maindfulness:- Awareness- Being fully at the present moment- Non- judgement/ compassion





10,000 steps




We have become a society of 3 chairs. From the chair at work we change to the car and then to the TV. The lack of movement is the beginning of the fourth chair in the waiting room of doctor's offices, which we visit more and more often.


Meanwhile, to maintain the basic hygiene of life, you should watch at least 10,000 steps every day. Perfect for a walk in contact with nature. We support the work of the intestines, circulatory system and mental health.



How many steps have you taken today?





Everything beautiful and everything dramatic since the beginning of the world happens because of her. Its lack - in the family home or in adult life, makes us look for substitutes for love - in the form of a career, extreme feats, accumulation of wealth or escape into alcoholism and drugs. How many of us, suffering from private matters, have not escaped into work or into alcohol, just to not feel. Feel no lack of love.

We look for love only outside, forgetting that we can only give the greatest, strongest and most sincere love to ourselves. If we are full of love within ourselves, only we can give it to others. If we are empty, we cannot love others and we cannot receive love from others.

Loving yourself is loving your body, taking care of it, thanking you for serving us. It's about taking care of your physical and mental health. It is respect for yourself and your needs. It is also opening to love for yourself and for others.

I wish you every day in love for yourself and the other person





Ask Yourself


You have enormous power and inner wisdom that you have forgotten.You ask others for advice on what to do, how to plan your life, what path to choose. Ask yourself. ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. You know the answer to every questions, you know what is best for you to be truly happy. Forever, not just for a moment. Fear of everything blocked us from contact with each other.


How to ask yourself? I get this question often. Feel. Feelings tell us everything. They inform us that something or someone is good for us or not. Feel and check how you feel in the presence of a given person. You have to make decisions - see what you feel - joy or fear. You know the answer to every question. Only you know her.






Why is working with emotions so important?
Emotions accumulated over the years turn into physical illnesses. Each of our illnesses reflects hidden, unexpressed emotions that need to be released from the body.
The principle is simple. Everything that goes into us must come out.
Example- anger, frustration- - future liver problems
If we feel an excess of problems and an overwhelming situation, life - we feel pain in the neck, shoulders and arms.
Stress - affects the entire body, but is most often located in the abdominal cavity and intestines.
How to deal with the release of emotions? - walking, dancing, loud singing, sports, tensing and releasing muscles and, just like animals do - shaking the whole body - try it - it works great
Have a nice day






Our way of life is like a jigsaw puzzle. At the beginning, we have all the elements scattered. Not many of us have the full final image in front of us and with some ease try to quickly arrange the image based on the previously shown pattern. Then we talk about creative work with passion, having the gift of talent. People who were born to change the world, who have the power and help in this work of life.

We mere mortals put together one puzzle after another. Each puzzle is also our judgment, knowledge, a stop in development. If we focus too much on it or misattribute it, we will not see the true final picture. During our journey, we make many judgments about any topic or people. With only a few completed puzzles at our disposal, we behave as if we have already arranged the whole picture. The truth, however, is more complicated. We can only express opinions at a given moment of our development and accumulated knowledge, and only according to our feeling. Maybe then our criticism and absolute certainty in expressing opinions would no longer hurt other people if we took into account the partial arrangement of our picture with the puzzle? Or maybe others have already put together a bit more picture than us?

Let's think about it 🙂

Let's think about it 🙂

As we go through life, we accumulate experiences and emotions that sometimes leave an imprint on our psyche for a very long time. Especially those that show signs of traumatic experiences. We feel weakened, wronged and overburdened by fate. We withdraw from life and choose jobs below our capabilities and talents. Which, in turn, deepens our poor well-being even more. We are unhappy.

Meanwhile, all our bad experiences, which until now were our weakness, can become our strength and a huge mine of knowledge. When we get tired of feeling sorry for ourselves, we should consider using our talents. Also those that we have previously perceived as negative. And make CHANGES.

If we feel bad in the current situation. This doesn't mean there's something wrong with us. It only means that this is not our place and environment. To achieve full happiness and the opportunity to develop, we must find our place in the world.

What I wish for you all!

We are all perfect

Every day we are assessed at work, at school, in family or by friends. If we feel good, we accept the opinion of others correctly. For constructive evaluation - thank you, negative - we ignore. However, often the opinions of others lower our self-esteem, distort the true picture of the situation, making us feel inferior, invalid or worthless.

Meanwhile, the truth is completely different. We are perfect, beautiful and smart. full. You just need to find your true place on earth and the right people to share your life with. Not every place and not every person is good for us.

Wisdom is born in silence

We spend many years studying in different schools. Later, we participate in training and courses, improving our professional qualifications. We are intelligent but are we wise?
Being intelligent does not mean being smart. Wisdom is love, respect, gentleness and a combination of intelligence and feeling.
For wisdom to have a chance to be born, it must have silence. Let's turn off the media and the phone, let's put aside the things of life that deliberately take our attention and let's give intelligence a chance to meet wisdom. 15 minutes a day is enough to start with.


And I guarantee you that after some time you won't be able to live without this meeting :)



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Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Body and Soul Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness

Marzena Marks

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Body and Soul Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness